Russia has promising vaccines & antiviral drugs to fight Covid-19, but no miracle cure exists, warns country’s health minister

As the world looks for a game-changing medication to finally end the Covid-19 nightmare, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko has admitted there is no silver bullet that could save the planet from the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have some ways to deal with it, but nevertheless, there is no drug that would radically change the balance of power in the world,” said Murashko.

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Since the Covid-19 outbreak, pharmaceutical companies have been desperate to find a miracle cure for Covid-19. On Thursday morning, Russian Deputy Health Minister Viktor Fisenko announced that the country now has three antiviral therapy drugs – Favipiravir, Remdesivir, and Levilimab. Last month, it was revealed that Russian doctors had begun to use a medicine called Surfactant-BL, which was reported to reduce the mortality rate by up to five times.

Outside of Russia, Remdesivir has also been approved in the US. According to that country’s Food and Drug Administration, the medicine has been proven effective during “multiple clinical trials,” and was even used on President Donald Trump when he was hospitalized with Covid-19 earlier this month.

Aside from treatments, Russian epidemiologists are also focused on developing preventative vaccines. Moscow is currently hosting the third phase trial of Sputnik V, the first Covid-19 vaccine in the world to be officially registered. It involves 40,000 volunteers. On October 14, President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the second domestic vaccine, EpiVacCorona, developed in Siberia. A third formula is also said to be on the way.

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