‘NO, NO, NO!’ Liana Jojua DISTRAUGHT after HUGE cut on her nose causes TKO defeat at UFC 254 (VIDEO)

Georgian flyweight Liana Jojua’s hopes of picking up her second UFC win on “Fight Island” at UFC 254 were left in blood and tears after she was stopped at the end of the first round due to a nasty cut on her nose.

Jojua started well against UFC newcomer Miranda Maverick, but soon found herself fighting off the back foot as the American started to load up on her strikes.

Jojua gamely continued to throw hard in return, but was constantly being pushed back by Maverick’s heavier strikes. It led commentator Daniel Cormier to comment that the Georgian, who is known for her armbar submissions, might be better off taking the action to the mat.

However, Jojua continued to stand and trade with Maverick, and was punished when the American connected with a huge elbow to the bridge of “She-Wolf’s” nose that left a huge cut that instantly started bleeding profusely down her face.

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Jojua made it to the end of the round seemingly unconcerned about her cut, but the cutman – and the referee – were much more worried as the cutman set to work trying to stem the flow of blood.

Then, when a cageside doctor asked to see Jojua’s nose, he and the referee agreed the fight should be waved off, as Jojua begged the official not to halt the fight, crying out, “NO, NO, NO!”

The decision to stop the fight appeared to split the fans on social media, however, with some fans suggesting that the fight wouldn’t have been stopped had it been a battle between two male fighters.

“I don’t wanna pull the gender card but I’ve literally never seen a fight between male fighters stopped over that particular cut. If I have it must have also included the fact the nose was broken.”

Others said they were fine with the stoppage, and praised Maverick’s technique.

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“Jojua would have flooded that cage with blood if the fight continued. Let’s understand that,” tweeted one fan, while another offered, “That cut on Jojua was way too abrasive for the fight to continue further. Good stoppage by the ref, congrats to the newcomer Maverick and commiserations to Jojua.”

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