Diego Maradona & god’s Hands


Even after the death of Diego Mira Dona, one of the most amazing and accomplished sportsmen in the world, his divinity story is certainly not over. Just as his life was shrouded in a mysterious veil, so sudden death is […]

Diego Maradona & god's Hands
Diego Maradona & god’s Hands

Even after the death of Diego Mira Dona, one of the most amazing and accomplished sportsmen in the world, his divinity story is certainly not over. Just as his life was shrouded in a mysterious veil, so sudden death is not the end of the story, but the continuity.

Whatever the cause of sudden death, it is a fact that the abilities, twists and turns of the world’s greatest star footballer and the ups and downs of his life will be repeated.

In Argentina, my Donna’s home country, where he has been a godsend after avenging the Falklands defeat to Britain thanks to his ‘hand of God’ goal, there is mourning after the ‘death of God’. Is in perfect condition.

With the advent of technology, the concept of ‘man at best’ shifted from the battlefield to the playing field, where countries reached a ‘cultural’ agreement to fight among themselves.

But this new front was ignited by the generalization of the screen in the 80’s and 70’s. Modern, Alexander and Timur, Muhammad Ali and Meera Donna enchanted people’s lives.

While Muhammad Ali’s single punch would win millions of hearts, Meera would walk on Donna’s football field and carry the ball in a ‘land-grabbing’ manner, not only to the fans but also to her and her opponents.

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My Donna’s ‘Hand of God’ goal in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals ended the line of dishonesty and honesty.

He also scored a ‘goal of the century’ against longtime rivals England in the same match. In a match played against the backdrop of the Falklands War, Myra Donna was the only one to avenge her defeat in the war against Britain.

His victory as captain in the 1986 Mexico World Cup and his everlasting performance made him the greatest superstar in the world, and for Latinos and Asians he was the man on the field as a revolutionary on the field, as Che Guevara.

Europe’s colonial and developed power has the potential to break with its natural spirit and potential.

After winning the world’s biggest sports event thanks to his amazing performance, the footballer who is considered to be the most authentic footballer with yellow, after touching this balm, the slope is due to my Donna’s invincible movements, drugs and Drug use, fitness and weight gain.

Despite being much less agile and gaining weight than in 1986, he captained his team to the World Cup in the 90’s. But the water turned. Despite West Germany’s dominance in the final, Argentina lost by just one controversial goal.

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My Donna kept fighting with the referee and officials in this final till the end. It seemed that the fighters who considered their ‘right’ were not ready to hand over my Donna World Cup to anyone else. Despite the defeat of Argentina

Since then, due to fitness, injury and other controversial issues, my Donna has rarely been seen on the field, but in the 94th USA World Cup, he took over his country’s title again.

Under his leadership in the first two matches, Argentina emerged as a strong team, but after Donna’s dope test was positive and he was out, the Argentine team also lost the next match and was eliminated from the FIFA World Cup. And at the same time the career of a great player came to an end.

Along with international competitions in football, club football is also very important.

My Donna was one of the most famous and most expensive players to play for Boca Juniors and Barcelona even before the 86th World Cup.

But it was his international career, where, playing for his country, he instilled his passion for football.

Although Donna’s career ended tragically and she suffered from various controversies, including drug use, attacks on media representatives, and physical and mental problems, her country, Argentina, did everything possible to ‘save’ her.

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Despite his surprisingly aggressive and controversial personality, he made his international representation as a coach at the 2010 World Cup.

As a coach, my Donna proved to be a coach who had no defense in the event of a counter-attack by the opposing team, and that is what happened. Only because of Donna’s attacking focus, an experienced team like Germany knocked Argentina out of the event.

The fact is that my Donna’s tricks, controversies, and endless ups and downs were a feature of her charismatic personality, without which my Donna’s personality was incomplete.

Such an incredible performance could only be shown by a grumpy, selfish and restless soul. How the hand of God made the short ‘Rough and Tough Guy’ rule on this modern front.

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