Who will rule the World now? China or America?


One of the basic things that senior military commanders are taught is never to fight on two fronts at once. Hitler and the Nazis learned this lesson when German forces invaded the Soviet Union, despite being at war in the […]

Who will rule the World now China or America
Who will rule the World now China or America

One of the basic things that senior military commanders are taught is never to fight on two fronts at once.

Hitler and the Nazis learned this lesson when German forces invaded the Soviet Union, despite being at war in the West. Although the Soviet Union lost 25 million people, the war left the Germans impoverished and paved the way for their defeat.

In the case of Germany, Nazi ideology and Hitler’s arrogance pushed military tanks toward Moscow, but today, Trump’s political mantra to make America “great again” and the right-wing belief in American supremacy have led the country to China. With a meaningless quarrel.

It’s not that the war will start in a few days or that China is completely innocent in this whole affair, but the point is that the Americans are being harassed for fear of losing their dominance in the field of technology. Can be well imposed. Thus, in order to keep itself ahead and China behind in this race, the United States is using its diplomatic influence to force its obedient countries to support it.

China, on the other hand, has refused to bow to US pressure and has so far resisted US sanctions in the trade war. But Chinese claims over parts of the South China Sea have sounded alarm bells across the region, causing it to lose friends such as Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines. South Korea and Japan are currently watching China move with renewed vigor, prompting them to reconsider their defense systems.

On the other hand, the recent clashes on the rocky border between China and India in remote areas have proved that both the countries are ready to go to any lengths to occupy their surplus land. Fortunately, Beijing regained consciousness and its leadership realized that it had opened several fronts at the same time and that the front opened with India could be left behind without further damaging its reputation.

As the Chinese economy began to open its doors, led by Deng Xiaoping, the new post-Mao leadership realized that the economic and military imbalance between China and the United States was so great that it could not be fought despite Mao’s rhetoric. Can be taken Therefore, his long-term strategy was to gain economic power, as this would pave the way for the acquisition of modern military capability.

Until Xi Jinping took over the presidency, China’s main goals were moderate, focusing on the economy, modern technology, modern weapons and training. But their increasing naval and air patrols began to test American fleets and aircraft coming ashore.

Now that Trump has been elected and he has exercised power over trade, Xi has also stepped in and announced an increase in duty in exchange for an increase in duty. However, China’s brutal treatment of Uighur Muslims and its crackdown on Hong Kong protesters are helping the United States build an anti-China front.

China’s reputation has also been affected by the spread of the corona virus from the Chinese city of Wuhan and Beijing’s failure to take preliminary information about the disease seriously.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road project is facing delays and costly loans, as well as allegations of alleged corrupt activities by local and Chinese investors. Together, these elements have tarnished China’s image. Fortunately, Trump’s behavior has diverted some of this bitterness to Washington.

But on the one hand, there have been protests and raids in the West against the inhumane detention of nearly one million Uighur Muslims in Xijiang Province, and on the other hand, the Muslim world has been embarrassingly silent. If the same treatment had been meted out to a group of Muslims in the West, I bet there would have been angry protests every day.

But by refraining from interfering in the internal affairs of hardline Muslim governments in general and by selling arms to them without questioning human rights abuses, China has struck a bargain with most of them.

If Trump is re-elected, we can expect tensions to escalate, which could turn the Cold War into an armed conflict. Trump’s next four years will be so unpleasant that it’s hard to imagine. But even if Biden takes over the White House, he will not expect Uterus. Both countries have borne the brunt and it is impossible to back down.

I often ask English critics of Hong Kong’s anti-independence restrictions how much democratic independence was granted during the last century when it was a British colony. In fact, the worst human rights abuses in the former British colonies have taken place in the recent past, and there have never been such violent protests as the one seen today by angry Hong Kong protesters against Chinese treatment. have been.

The general perception in most parts of Europe and the United States is that the rise of China is affecting the “natural order of things,” but that these are words that have recently been sharply criticized by English politicians for racial discrimination. Has been targeted.

Whether it is said or not, these are the sentiments that are found in liberal circles that seem to believe that white people have the God-given right to decide. Therefore, the rise of China is generally welcomed by non-white countries.

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