TikTok May Be Banned in the United States of America. President Donald trump announced his intention to go forward with the Ban


all right finished all my work and now i can go play some video games i can play some more ghost of tsushima now all right wait a minute what’s going on here in twitter president trump says he will […]

TikTok May Be Banned in the United States of America. President Donald trump announced his intention to go forward the Ban
TikTok May Be Banned in the United States of America. President Donald trump announced his intention to go forward the Ban

all right finished all my work and now i can go play some video games i can play some more ghost of tsushima now all right wait a minute what’s going on here in twitter president trump says he will ban tick-tock in the united states [Applause]
all right i guess i have to make this
video now
hey everybody this is roberto blake
helping you create something awesome
today i
hope um actually we have to talk about

tick tock and well we talked about this
three weeks ago
and the fact that the u.s might ban it
over national security concerns
and i told content creators that they
should treat this
like it’s a guaranteed certainty and
here we are
now if you’re new here to the channel i
talk about how to build your brand and
business online
and that becomes important because for
tick tock it’s not
just a bunch of cringy videos on the
internet there are a lot of people
who have used this to build their brand
build their business and this
is an income source for them there also
is the simple fact
that you cannot ignore that 60 to 80
million americans use this app
that is one in five in every americans
that uses the tick tock app
so for that just get yanked away is
a issue it is a problem when we’re
talking about
a platform that people use for their
online brand and business
when we talk about something that people
are using for entertainment during
and yes national security concerns
are valid they are important to address
but i would feel
much better if the government actually
caught china with their hand in the
cookie jar caught them red-handed
then i think it’d be easier for a lot of
people to swallow
the idea of just yanking this app
out of the hands out of one and five
that’s just one man’s personal opinion
on this let’s let’s dig down a little
bit further and let’s really focus on
what this means for the content creators
because again that’s who we address here
on the channel we talk about
how content creators can build their
brand uh market themselves effectively
and monetize their creativity
and losing one of the platforms that
allows for this losing one of the
platforms that has allowed
a lot of people to break through a
buried entry that
they didn’t feel they could here on
youtube or over on twitch
over on instagram it’s important for the
creator community it’s important for the
creator economy
now to show you how serious this is and
i’m like really doing this video in real
time i’m doing this all in one take
um president donald trump told reporters
they plans to ban the tick tock app
in the us through executive authority
while flying home
from florida on friday evening so i’m
filming this friday at 11
30 uh p.m and so this is happening in
real time as i’m making it
and so this is something that is
it’s owned by bite dance a chinese
company and
in our previous video we talked about
all of the different concerns
uh in terms of this being a national
security issue
user privacy and information data
and i do share those concerns there are
people who
have valid concerns about that i am
concerned about that but on the other
i would love to see more actual evidence
of the threat that this has but there’s
a part of me that’s skeptical and thinks
that this might have more to do with
trade disputes with china because we
have a lot of things going on
or maybe it’s something uh because of
the conflict and the tension dealing
the coronavirus like what is the real
for the rush to ban this app this social
media app
with cringy online videos versus all the
other chaotic things happening in the
all the other chaotic things happening
here in the us
this is a priority right now so the
president says
in um you know this reporting that he
be issuing this ban and writing
something out as soon as saturday so
this is happening
as we speak and i’ll let you know any of
their information that becomes available
if the band goes through
we will definitely address it and make a
video here on the channel but the main
thing i want to deal with now
is revisiting what i talked about three
weeks ago
content creators have to diversify
content creators have to be more
than a platform they have to not have
the identity
of being a youtuber being a tick tocker
a uh instagrammer you have to be a
content creator above all
else and you have to be capable and able
to pivot
and to adapt we saw this before with
we saw this before with not the
destruction of snapchat but
it became largely less relevant when
instagram took its features
there are a lot of people that for a lot
of different reasons have felt the need
to abandon facebook
and so you cannot tie yourself to a
exclusively and i think that we’re
kind of coming to grips with that as a
now speaking of privacy and speaking of
facebook when we look at
um what is happening here there are a
lot of people who brought up a very
valid point it seems hypocritical
uh when you look at the data that
is uh allegedly and i have to say the
word allegedly collecting
and then you look at our own apps in our
ecosystem you look at
facebook you look at twitter you look at
google uh you take a look at this
what are they doing differently than
tick tock and a lot of people have
brought that up and i think it’s a
valid point of criticism when we talk
about this
i think the difference is however that
these are us entities
and we’re talking about a foreign power
that we have a
tenuous relationship with um or rather
what’s the word i’m looking for a
tumultuous relationship with
and so i think that that is where the
cause for concern is
but again i don’t feel educated enough
specifically to talk about that and the
nuance in it
that’s very geopolitical and
that’s really not the focus of this
channel but
the problem is that all of this bleeds
into the ecosystem of the creator
economy and the fact that there are
who are using this as a means of
marketing their business
or building their career as entertainers
and then also
the viewer the average consumer they
are you know using this app there are 60
to 80 million of you who are using their
this app here in the us there are 330
million of us
here as u.s citizens so again that’s
about like one in
one in five one in six people uh that
would just lose
access to something that they wanted
and i’m not sure how i feel about
something like that
being able to be done so quickly with
executive authority i’m not sure how i
feel about that being it’s a private
um that feels like that could be a bad
precedent down the road in some way
especially when so many of us rely
on these different uh platforms as
communication tools as
business tools and i i just really am
concerned here
at the fact that so many people’s
livelihoods can be affected overnight by
something like this
in a situation where a lot of people are
looking for alternatives
to a traditional job because we’ve seen
40 million americans displaced
in this pandemic that had more
traditional work more traditional jobs
and being able to operate within these
it’s an alternative it’s an
form of work it’s an unconventional
means of making an income
but when we sit there and we have a
situation where um
the government wants to regulate these
social media platforms it outrightly
can you know issue a ban and a
moratorium on certain apps
where are people going to look to when
they’re looking for any type of
financial freedom or financial stability
and what do we do as content creators
the rules that regard our livelihood i
mean look at what the regulations did
to family friendly creators with regard
to kappa and how that affected youtube
youtube didn’t want to do that
that was the federal government and so
when you have the fact that
these uh regulatory agencies these
government agencies i mean we’ve also
seen things like article
13 out of the eu um
you know and how that would have an
impact there’s so many of these things
that could just shift the entire creator
and there are people who literally will
get thrown off of a cliff thrown under
the bus
have their livelihoods ripped out from
under them and
it just seems really unreasonable that
that would be the case
and i wonder why that’s not being
thought of i understand that there
are bigger issues when it comes to
privacy and security
but i also don’t think we can look at
economic disruption
um and not pay attention to it not now
and not anymore
my advice to content creators who use
is to pivot that same content to other
obviously back up your archive look at
the formats look tik tok i understand
that it’s not the same
with instagram i understand with youtube
building a competitor to it
instagram building a competitor to it
into their platforms
that you don’t feel that you’ll have the
same community that your audience will
follow you over
and that you’ll have the same feeling
but remember the content you’re making
you should really think of how this
content can be platform agnostic how can
this content
live on regardless of where it is and
don’t be afraid
to put the content somewhere else
because oh well i’m taking views away
from tiktok
it’s the same thing i have to tell
youtube content creators stop being
afraid to take a view away from youtube
and stop trying to give everything to
youtube and think about the brand
exposure and the fact that you’re
getting a view on
the viewers terms where they want to be
and they have the opportunity to consume
what you
create that’s why i want more of you to
become content creators
instead of you know platform evangelist
you know enthusiast stop treating the
individual platform like it’s your
and like you owe it some kind of loyalty
all right
your loyalty is to yourself and to your
audience and to the community that
you’re building
and to making the best content you can
and that has to go beyond
a platform and so if you want to take
ownership of your brand if you want to
take ownership of your business
please diversify your platforms please
build your own
bloody website please start building a
newsletter and having direct access to
your audience
so that these platforms can’t say oh
well you’re out we changed the rules or
the government
decides to change the rules and it
screws up the platform
you need direct access to your audience
and if you don’t have your own website
and you’ll have your own email list you
don’t own the relationship with your
audience that’s the bottom line
it’s one of the main reasons that i
started making this content
that focuses on creators in the
community it’s why
i don’t just talk about youtube and i
talk about these other platforms
we’re gonna make some videos to help
some of you get started streaming over
on twitch
i’m gonna talk a little bit more about
what i’ve been doing over on instagram
and twitter as well because at the end
of the day
you need to be able to know you have as
many ways to reach your audience
as possible because things will
inevitably change and sometimes
unfortunately they’re just going to get
if you want some more advice on how you
as a content creator
can move over from tick tock and embrace
these other platforms and direct
strategies for it i covered it in my
the end of tick tock what content
creators need to know
that video from three weeks ago three
weeks from today
and i will make another video if this
really does go through if the president
decides to use this authority
to completely ban tiktok from the us
i will make a direct video about it and
i will do everything i can
to help creators in this transition and
i think it’s important for you guys to
have the right tools and strategies
i built a lot of content on this channel
to help you if you need to know how to
find other means of monetization and
making money online right away
there are literally hundreds of videos
on this channel that can help you you
want to become a youtube content creator
there are hundreds of videos here that
can help you i really think that you
need to just become
platform agnostic and it’s going to be
the singular message that i preach in
2020 when it comes to content creators
go beyond the platform don’t just
marry your biggest platform because
there’s a real chance
that you’re building your empire on not
only rented land
but on quicksand alright so just take
that seriously
question of the day do you think there’s
going to be a permanent ban on tick tock
in the u.s
and who do you think is going to be a
stronger competitor with
uh you know making a tick tock clone is
it going to be youtube
and are they going to be on top because
of direct monetization opportunities
or is it going to be instagram let me
know in the comment section what you
guys think
like this video if you like it don’t
forget to subscribe check out the other
awesome content here on the channel i
promise it’s less
ranty than this as always you guys
thanks so very much for watching and
don’t forget
go out there and create something
awesome today take care
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