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Indian thugs arrested for selling fake ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’ to a Medical doctor


Police in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have arrested two thugs who sold a fake ‘Divine Lamp of God’ to a doctor and snatched crores of rupees from him. The two arrested thugs had sold a fake ‘Allah Din […]

Police in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have arrested two thugs who sold a fake ‘Divine Lamp of God’ to a doctor and snatched crores of rupees from him.

The two arrested thugs had sold a fake ‘Allah Din Ka Chirag’ to Laiq Ahmed, a Muslim doctor from Meerut district in Uttar Pradesh.

News agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) that the two thugs Laiq Ahmed had filed a complaint to the police report, which the police have arrested two suspects in action.

Dr. Laiq Ahmed said that Nawsir Baz came to him and showed him the scene of the fake Jinn coming out through fake ‘Allah Din Ke Chirag’.

Confirming the incident, police officer Amit Rai said the accused offered the doctor to buy a fake ‘lamp’ for crores of rupees, but the matter was settled between the two sides for 93 93,000, or about 7 million Indian rupees.

When the doctor rubbed the purchased ‘lamp’ for those who wanted to attend and fulfill his wish, the ‘lamp’ did not work, after which the doctor realized his mistake.

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Earlier, the thugs had also performed false magic in front of the doctor and one of the two thugs who sold him the ‘lamp’ was a fake.

The victim’s doctor said that he was told by the accused that his imprisonment in ‘Chirag’ would fulfill his every wish including giving him wealth and that he would also heal the sick patients.

However, when the doctor tried to do so after buying the ‘lamp’, the ‘lamp’ did not work and the doctor realized that the thugs had robbed him and given him a ‘lamp’ made of plastic.

Police arrested the two thugs on a doctor’s complaint, while a woman on the thugs’ team is still at large.

In this regard, India Today reported that the police arrested two thugs named Ikramuddin and Anis, while their female employee escaped.

The report said that Dr Laiq Ahmed had lodged a report of fraud on October 25 last month, when the incident took place a few days before the report.

The doctor had said in the report that the thugs who robbed him with the help of a woman, a woman named Samina had been in contact with him since 2018 and she had initially become a patient.

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The doctor said that during the last two years, the woman and the two thugs started telling him various things and said that they also had the ‘lamp of Allah’ but they would not sell it, but only at the doctor’s insistence. They are ready to sell it.

Police said that the preliminary investigation has revealed that the thugs may have sold the ‘lamp of Allah’ to other people in the same way and returned it, however, further investigation is underway in this regard.

Remember that ‘The Lamp of God’ has been shown in Hollywood movies and dramas around the world, including Bollywood, and its magical stories have been read and heard around the world for many centuries.

According to many scholars, this ‘god of religion’ itself was a mythical character who was initially included in the stories of the Middle East and was also given a lamp.

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But according to some researchers, the character of ‘Allah Din’ was inspired by a real character.

The role of introducing the “divine religion” and its “lamp” to the world in writing goes to the French writer and politician Anthony Galand, who served as secretary to the French ambassador to Constantinople in the 17th century.

It is believed that he was the one who took the story from Arab folk tales and put it in writing.

Regarding the story of ‘Allah Din’ and its ‘lamp’, most researchers believe that this story also existed in the Arabic story Alf Laila in the 14th century, but it was introduced in the modern world by a French writer in the 17th century. ۔

Even today, dramas and films are made all over the world on ‘Alif Laila’ and other similar stories, including ‘Allah Din’ and its ‘Chiragh’, and these stories are equally popular not only among children but also among adults.

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