Can you help us solve these 7 confusions? (Seven Problems in 3rd World)


We don’t understand why we are so ignorant, then we think if we had understanding we would not have understood why we are ignorant, then we think we understand why we are ignorant then it means we are not ignorant, […]

Can you help us solve these 7 confusions (Seven Problems in 3rd World)
Can you help us solve these 7 confusions (Seven Problems in 3rd World)

We don’t understand why we are so ignorant, then we think if we had understanding we would not have understood why we are ignorant, then we think we understand why we are ignorant then it means we are not ignorant, but If we are intelligent, why do we not understand many things?

That is, we are ignorant, but if we are ignorant, then how is it understood that we are ignorant?

Before you hold your head and say, “God knows you,” we get to the point.

The problem is that our intellect is unable to understand many common words, phrases and terms.

Thought advice should be sought. So, if you solve our tangled knots, Allah will bless you.

The first confusion, stray dogs

Why are dogs called stray? I have never heard of a stray cat, a stray buffalo, a stray cow, a stray goat. If these animals were considered stray, someone would say, ‘Brother milk! Isn’t this the milk of a wandering buffalo? Look, give us the milk of Sharif Bahia buffalo.

Never heard of it. Listen! Did you bring any stray beef? The kebabs are rotating in the stomach, the next time I see the movement of the cow, I will take the meat. The behavior of the butcher does not look good, otherwise I would have brought it myself.

You may not have heard such a phrase.

Second confusion, this highway is not normal

Whenever we saw a sign on a road saying ‘this highway is not normal’, we stopped there for a long time and wondered what is so special about this highway? When he did not see any feature, he proceeded by writing ‘there is no such feature’ under the writing on the board.

Third confusion, littering is forbidden here

Wherever we see this writing, we understand that it is written to give respect to the garbage and it is said between the lines, ‘Mian! What is rubbish today was the stuff of your work yesterday, don’t treat it the way politicians do to each other after work and time. Bring the whip and spread it with great love, spread it, spread it. What else do we understand when we see a pile of rubbish just below the ban on dumping garbage?

The fourth confusion will be dealt with severely

Whenever we read a statement from the rulers and high officials, which says that terrorists, instigators of hatred and law-breaking elements will be dealt with severely, we think that now Why were you dealing so gently? Then the thought comes that all these elements are non-existent and our rulers and officials become accustomed to dealing gently because they spend most of their time dealing with their own people.

When it comes to dealing with lawbreakers, it takes time for them to stagger like soft fresh bread, so they are told to watch! We are going to be hardened. As soon as we deal with the hardened cracks, don’t go anywhere till then.

It’s as if whenever we had an argument with someone, we rolled up our sleeves and put our hands over our mouths and said to him, ‘Don’t go anywhere, I’ll come now.’ Fana reached the place of quarrel and kept challenging the one who was leaving, saying, “Where did you go? Are you scared?”

Fifth Confusion, took notice

We keep reading and hearing that ‘Prime Minister took notice of inflation’, ‘Governor took notice of power outage’, ‘Chief Minister took notice of water shortage’. If taking notice would make a difference, we would understand something else, but in the case of ‘although it does not make a difference’, what else can we understand except that taking notice means such phrases,

“I’ve heard that inflation has gone up. Good ‘,
Someone was saying there is a power crisis, yes. Oops, ‘
‘Is there a water shortage in the city? Yes sir Honhah.
We used to err on the side of the word ‘notice’ as it is like the serious notices sent to the citizens threatening to cut off the supply of electricity, water or gas if they do not pay their bills regularly. Goes, which does not take long to implement. This misunderstanding was later cleared up and it became clear that there were ‘notices to be taken’ and ‘notices to be given’.

Sixth Confusion, Patriotic Pakistani

I have heard and read that such and such Sahib is a patriotic Pakistani or the deceased Sahib was a patriotic Pakistani. It haunts the heart to think that when there are women and men among Pakistanis who must be specifically mentioned with the term patriotic Pakistanis, there will also be non-patriotic Pakistanis, but I have never heard anything like that. Politicians died, they were unpatriotic Pakistanis. So is it that only patriotic Pakistanis die and non-patriotic Pakistanis go away alive, this is a very dangerous thing, the country is constantly going through a critical period and non-patriotic Pakistanis are not going through.

Seventh confusion, urinating is forbidden here

Many times we went to someone’s house and saw a sign on the wall near the host’s house saying ‘It is forbidden to urinate here’. The oppressors did not even state the limits of this ban on Wednesday. After sitting for a long time, when he got up suddenly, he became restless and the host said in astonishment, “Hey, what happened? Wait for a while.” All the way back, my heart was pounding how far these helpless people would have to go because of the ban.

Now you tell us whether we understood what we thought was right or not, if you don’t understand then explain it to us and solve our confusion.

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